For detailed information, please review our AV GUIDE.

There are Bose systems in all bedrooms. Any Bluetooth music player such as an Ipad, iPod or iPhone (Android as well) can be synced to the players. Simply turn the Bose box on, ensure your Bluetooth is turned on in your phone or tablet/music device, wait for the Bose device to be “seen” by yours and let them connect.  The player has a battery, so you can unplug and re-plug to charge when needed. THE SOUND LEVEL MUST BE SET ON LOW SO IT CAN NOT BE HEARD BY OUR NEIGHBORS.

There are in wall speakers in most rooms of the house, excluding bedroom 4. In each room where there are speakers, there is an on/off switch and volume control for that room only. The system,  is located in the closet just to the left of the media room TV, offers numerous options. Please consult the guide for operating instructions:  AV GUIDE.

Each bedroom has its own flatscreen TV. To operate, aim the remote at the small black box near TV , press red “DTA” button on the top left, then TV power button on the top right. After a few second delay, the TV screen will be live.

This TV offers basic cable and is controlled by its own TWCR remote on the coffee table.

This TV offers Time Warner basic and premium channels such as HBO and numerous sports channels.

The HDTV cable box is located inside media cabinet under the TV on the left side.  The cable box is always on, indicated by the visible digital clock in blue/green light.  If the TV is on and there is no picture, check the cable box and if the screen on box is black, press the power button on front of cable box to on position.  (Note when you first turn on the TV, there is a several second delay where the screen is black while it powers up).

You can move between cable and Apple TV, change channels, control volume, set the DVR to record shows, pause programs and watch recorded shows using the different functions on the Harmony remote (i.e. press TV button and then power button to turn on TV).  Pay Per View is by prior arrangement with the owner. Please consult the guide for operating instructions:  AV GUIDE. 

BY LAW IN PALM SPRINGS - NO AMPLIFIED SOUND or MUSIC IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME OUTSIDE. Any infraction of this rule will result in fines from $500-$1500 which will be deducted from your security deposit and may be grounds for immediate void of lease terms and eviction from property.