There are four bicycles (helmets, and bike locks along with one pump) in the garage for your use. The code for two locks is set to 3 5 7 9. The code for the other two locks is "RIDER".  Use of these bikes is at your own risk.  Always use the provided helmets.  For your safety, please only use the bikes during daylight hours.  Additional bikes can be rented at various shops in town. Palm Springs has recently installed a series of interconnected bike lanes and one of them runs right in front of the house. Click Here to see a map of the Palm Springs bike routes

The pavilion fans and fan lights are controlled (on/off/dim) by remotes.  Remotes are located on the dining room wall or in the pavilion.

WARNING:  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Always keep close attention to the flames.  The fire pit flames can blow out with the wind, yet gas will continue to flow, creating a risk of explosion, fire, injury, and death.  If that happens, you must turn off the gas ASAP.  Remember to turn off gas completely and allow vapors to dissipate before trying to relight the fire pit.  

- Locate a gas key stored in kitchen drawer nearest the LR fireplace
- Insert and prepare to turn the key to the left
- Hold a long lighter on top of the fireplace lava rocks
- To avoid a big initial burst of flame (and possible injury) make sure the lighter is lit with one hand while you turn the key very slightly to the left with your other hand
-  Adjust flames using the key 

-Stay alert to the flames.  If the flames blow out the gas will continue flowing and can create a dangerous situation

-Avoid people and articles of clothing, etc. from getting too close to the flames

- Turn the key off to the right

-   Turn the left burner knob a quarter turn to the left
-   Press the ignition button
-   Turn the right burner knob a quarter turn to the left to ignite the second burner
-   If a flashlight is needed, you can find one in the kitchen drawer nearest the LR fireplace

-   Turn both burner knobs to the OFF position

The (2) lights are controlled (on/off/dim) by the pavilion fan remote control. 

The outdoor building and landscape lighting are on timers and will go on automatically dusk through dawn.  

To turn on the pavilion lights on the 4 columns use the switch located on the south side of the pool equipment wall near the small palm tree.

In addition, there are lanterns in a basket and an "egg" light in the bar area inside which are helpful in creating a great ambiance and safe area around the pool, spa, and pavilion.  

The pool and spa lights are set to automatically go on around dusk and off at 12AM every day. You can also use the Spa side control to turn the spa lights on or off. 

If you turn off the spa light and then turn it back on it will not be synced to the pool lights.  If you would like to have it re-synced, please text Graham.  

The pool and spa lights can also be controlled remotely.  NEED HELP? Please contact us

Many of the plants on the property have thorns - some very tiny and some quite large. They are everywhere in the desert - be careful not to touch or run into one.

Our maintenance staff will access the property unannounced. The pool is typically serviced on Monday and Thursday in the morning after 9am. On rare occasion our Gardener may need to service the grounds during your stay.

-  Turn on the switch located on the outside of the pool equipment wall near the small palm tree 
-   Expect a slight lag time before seeing the misters activate

- Note that the misters are on a timer and will shut off to avoid wasting water.  If more time is desired you may restart the timer switch.

-  Turn OFF
the switch described above

To avoid wasting precious water, please only use when the pavilion is occupied and the misters are necessary. 

The pavilion has a see-through 95% sun block remote controlled shade. The shade remote is generally located on a hook on the dining room wall. Only put the shade in the "down" position when you are using the pavilion. Note the shade automatically retracts "up" if the wind picks up.

Please be careful of the guide wires. We suggest placing the towel baskets near the wires (but not blocking the shade's movement) to help prevent you from walking into them.  

The temperature is set to 80 degrees. DO NOT TAMPER WITH OR ADJUST THE POOL OR SPA EQUIPMENT OR TEMPERATURE. THE SYSTEM TRACKS ALL USEAGE AND TEMPERATURE SETTINGS. If you change the programming for the pool or spa, you will jeopardize your Security Deposit.

NEED HELP? Please contact us

The pool and spa panels (dining room and equipment area) are locked. To use the spa use the spa side panel just above the water line inside the spa as follows:

- You can turn on the spa, heat, and jets by pressing the SPA button on the control inside the spa - just above the water line.  The spa will heat to 97 degrees.  If you would like a different temperature, please text Graham.

- EGG TIMER: the spa will turn off after approximately 2 hours to avoid running all day and night and to conserve the energy required to heat the water.  You can turn it back on when desired by following the steps above.  Remember that the pool can not heat when the spa is running.

- When the spa is ON , the waterfall from the spa into the pool will stop.  The waterfall will restart when the spa is turned off or cycles off - assuming the pool pump/filter is running (See pool section above)

-  Depending on the weather and the water temperature the spa may take 20 minutes or more to heat.

There are two types of jets: 
- Normal jets are located around the sitting shelf. These come on "low" automatically when the Spa is turned on.  If you would like the jets to be stronger press the second button.

- In addition, there is one spa station in the center that has 6 strong jets operating on a different pump. It is controlled by pressing the Jet 2 button to turn on or off. 

The light inside the spa may be turned on and off by using the spa light button.  

DO NOT TAMPER WITH OR ADJUST THE POOL OR SPA EQUIPMENT OR TEMPERATURE. THE SYSTEM TRACKS ALL USEAGE AND TEMPERATURE SETTINGS. If you change the programming for the pool or spa, you will jeopardize your Security Deposit.

NEED HELP? Please contact us.

Limit your use based on health and medicines/alcohol, and doctor's recommendation, etc. To enter the spa safely, please put a towel on the raised concrete pad, sit down and then carefully spin around so that your feet are in the spa and are touching the sitting shelf.  Please reverse the above to exit the spa.

There are two towel baskets with pool towels. These are generally stored in the hall closet across from the alarm panel closet.  If weather permits, we suggest placing the towel baskets near the pavilion drop shade wires to help prevent you from walking into them. 

To conserve water please dry and reuse pool towels when possible.  There are numerous hooks to hang and dry pool towels (on the outside of the dining room wall) or you can use the dryer in the garage.

BY LAW IN PALM SPRINGS - NO AMPLIFIED SOUND or MUSIC IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME OUTSIDE. Any infraction of this rule will result in fines from $500-$1000 which will be deducted from your security deposit and may be grounds for immediate void of lease terms and eviction from property. 

Please put the umbrellas in the down position and tie the canopies closed when they are not in use or when it's windy. The wind tends to kick up with no notice, especially in the afternoons.